Soul Resurrection Massage

  Learn to Breathe and Heal Again!

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Better Than a FACELIFT!

Ancient Eastern Method

Backed by university studies, Gua Sha has proven to show significant improvements in decreasing pain and increasing microcirculation.  Gua Sha for body or face promotes healthy cells and proper detoxification.  Book today!

Holistic and redefining!

Sick? Getting sick? Book a session! 

The stagnant energy and toxins are loosened by the light scraping method called guasha.  Highly affective and your immune system gets a boost!

Subtle and gentle yet effective!

Facial rejuvenation.  Lipo suction and surgery can and will severly injure your cells and body.  

Look no further, book yourself a 1 hour  facial Gua Sha to assist in lymph drainage and a slimmer jawline.

4 Pack   $200.00

8 Pack  $400.00  

Body Sugar Scrub


Exfoliate and hydrate your skin with our delicious brown sugar scrub.  






 Half Body Scrub - 30 minutes - $25.00                                                                                                                                                                 


Half Body Scrub & 30 min massage - $65.00

Full Body Scrub only (50 min) - $40.00

Foot Scrub only (20 min) - $12.00


*Aroma-therapy- $6

*Day of appointment, let the therapist know you would like to add Aroma-therapy