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In a hurry?  Pick up a quick 30 minute refresher session!

$45.00 card or $35.00 cash

Cellulite Blaster (cupping/guasha)- Legs, stomach, booty!  Cellulite loves to occupy these areas! Ensure your body is  smooth and cellulite free!  Cupping will increase blood circulation, improve oxygen flow and assist in pushing out toxins that have collected in your cells.  When these toxins collect, they create what we call 'cottage cheese' or "bumps".  

60 min $80.00 card (w/acupressure) $70.00 Cash

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Integrative All-N-1 Massage-60 min. Combination of active release techniques, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Cupping where necessary.

$85.00 card or $75 cash

Basic Relaxation Massage- 60 min. Swedish, therapeutic massage comforting your nervous system, assisting in increased blood circulation.

$75.00 card or $65 cash

Pregnancy Massage- Light touch full body massage just for you and baby!  

$72.00 card or $62 cash

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Step into our world of Reflexology for your choice of feet and hands, or spend your full session on your feet, or just hands!

Reflexology is a therapeutic technique applied to pressure areas or trigger areas to alleviate pain surrounding the muscle being worked on, along with other referral areas the client feels.  Pressure points on the hands and feet, are associated with areas of the body; such as organs, limbs, etc.  Perfect for a quick pick me up, or to really release  your stress.

Click option "A" for Feet & Hands 60 minutes $45.00
Click option "B" for Just Feet 50 minutes $40.00
Click option "C" for Carpal Tunnel Fix 45 minutes $50.00

Option A Feet & Hands $45

Just Feet $40

Carpal Tunnel Focus $50