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I have received several high-quality massages before, but after having one of Bex's I knew I had encountered a style that I have never experienced before. When I try to describe to friends and family what is different about her technique I find myself using the term "medical-grade massage" because it's the best way I can think of to describe it. I believe what makes her so great is that she is engaged and problem-solving throughout the massage to determine the underlying cause of the discomfort you are experiencing, because sometimes what is bothering you the most is not the true source of the problem. Bex actively applies her comprehensive understanding of muscular anatomy and body mechanics to figure out from where your pain is originating. That extra level of effort is what gives her the potential to really begin to heal you.  

Six years ago my mother was involved in a serious car accident that required multiple reconstructive surgeries on her shoulder, and ultimately resulted in a prosthetic shoulder with permanent limitations to her range of motion as well as loss of strength. She has been in constant pain ever since. Recently, I had Bex provide her with a massage, explaining her medical history so that she knew what she was dealing with. Afterwards, my mom repeatedly expressed that she had never in all her life experienced a massage like that before. She was amazed that Bex intuitively knew when and where to adjust her level of pressure and that she had the patience to stay with a muscle long enough to finally release and she experienced significant relief of her discomfort afterwards.

Bex also provides lymphatic drainage massage and I'm certain she has many other modalities that she can offer to her clients. She is patient with your body- she gives your muscles time to change, she is very detail-oriented and she really cares about what she is doing. I very thankful to have met such a talented person and would recommend her wholeheartedly.
                                                           - Lara

I have been going to the massage therapist here for over a year. In my job, I end up with pain in my neck, shoulders, wrist, feet and Lower back. The massage therapist is NOT intimidated by all my aches and pains and works hard to keep me feeling like a million bucks.
Not to mention, she is very good at helping you leave not only feeling good, but also feeling lighter than when you came in. You have more energy and light after a good massage like the one you get at soul resurrection. You can tell that the massage therapist very much loves what she does, and that transpires into her work! I am very pleased to have found her!

                                                                         - Sa. LBC


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"Bex is AMAZING, at first I was skeptical about reiki but.....All I have to say is WOW! I was not a believer of reiki or energy or any of the sort, but after having a session with Bex I became a believer. My body felt new, my soul felt like it was reborn my energy felt white! I'm definitely going back for another session! I highly recommend her! Thank you Bex "         


"I have had a weekly massage for decades, experiencing many styles and abilities. Rebecca is excellent, both in her ability to sense and respond to what your muscles are saying, and in her professionalism as a business person. She will never cancel at the last minute or leave you hanging. If she does, you know it is really beyond her control, as she does such a professional job of communicating well in advance of any potential change. I am happy to be a client of hers for more than 3 years.  "


Thanks to soul resurrection, I was able to increase my shoulder flexibility. My regular M.D wanted me to have surgery but I refused. I found this place the week before. I picked up a package of 6 and by the 4th massage I had increased my flexibility my 30%! Thank you soul resurrection!